Our Mission

Continuing Education Mission Statement

Clinical Tools, Inc. combines medicine, science, and technology to provide state-of-the-art online training and education to improve patient care.

The Clinical Tools' Instructional Design Model guides all development. We strive to enhance the knowledge, skills, and practice of health care providers and trainees so that they can improve patient health. Our standard incorporates the most up-to-date research and expert opinion. The company identifies content areas that are underrepresented in current CE curricula, are skills-oriented, and would benefit from Internet delivery, including innovative uses of emerging technology.

Activity content is determined by analysis of gaps in performance, knowledge and competence, and patient outcomes including national guidelines, best practices reports, user surveys, literature review, and consultations with experts. Our focus is creating skills based training activities and evaluating each activity using metrics that relate to the targeted clinical skills. Successful activities will improve competence, performance, skills, use of best practices, and patient outcomes. Impact is evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative methods to assure quality and to measure competence, skills, and behaviors essential to providing quality patient care and improving outcomes.