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Via Clinical Tools' Clinical Encounters projects, we are creating case-based, branched-path learning games where students in health science, medical, and health professions investigate medical history and findings, establish diagnoses, and determine treatment in the CTI Clinical Encounters environment. Our training reflects the transition toward models that emphasize patient empowerment, data use and access, team models of treatment, and most importantly, prevention vs. treatment of disease. Our experience offers a guide to educators who want to deliver more than just videos of lectures or repurposed didactic information.


Clinical Tools, Inc. (CTI) is a diverse group with expertise in medicine, psychology, public health, basic sciences, programming, project and program management, gaming, information technology and communications.

We create scalable, usable, and broadly available online education and training to improve the ability of current and future health care providers to care for patients to ultimately improve health outcomes nationwide. We specifically:

  1. Deliver skills to professionals that are needed to improve their current/future practice.

  2. Improve competence, performance, and patient outcomes.

  3. Promote best practices and evidence-based treatment.

  4. Train by interactive scenario-based clinical challenges.

  5. Create without funding from pharamceutical or other industry sources.

  6. Empower group leaders to create a unique solution, identify problems, ensure progress, and enhance success.

Clinical Tools, Inc. has received SBIR awards from the NIH and other federal programs, as well as a One NC Small Business Program Award from the NC Board of Science & Technology. 

Clinical Tools, Inc. is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


  • We can make a difference, and we do.

  • We treat all with honesty, good faith, and candor: each other, our funders, our business partners, and our clients.

  • We respect the work-life balance, so that we can achieve our goals in both.

  • We exercise good and appropriate stewardship of the Federal funds to which we have access.

  • We conduct our research following the highest ethical standards (including the Belmont Principles in regards to human subjects).

  • We value and believe in the open-source software movement and the open-access publishing movement. We choose open-source software whenever we can, and we prefer to publish in open-access journals.

  • We promote environmental sustainability by minimizing the impact of our daily activities. Both individual employees and the company as a whole have many opportunities to implement sustainable practices that encourage reduction of pollution and energy consumption, recycling, and other sensible uses of natural resources.

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